Temples in Shanghai and Beijing

The Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai is a good place to go. In the temples is always a nice and calm atmosphere which sometimes is a needed contrast to the busy life in the city. The temple holds two jade Buddha statues. They are made of porcelain, one is a Sitting Buddha and the other is a recumbent Buddha.

The Lama Temple in Beijing is the largest Buddhist temple in China. There are five large halls and you should spend at least an hour in the temple. In the hall of Ten Thousand Happinesses you can find an amazingly tall (18m) statue of the Maitreya Buddha. It is carved from a single piece of White Sandalwood. This statue is one of three artworks in the temple that were included into the Guinness Book of Records in 1993.

Pudong and WFC

Pudong is a fast growing district of Shanghai. From The Bund you have a good view of the skyline of Pudong with the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Word Financial Center with the glas-bridge on the top and the Jin Mao Building.

We went to the top of the World Financial Center to visit the glas-bridge and take some pictures. There is also a nice cafe up there from where you have an amazing view.

Life, Shanghai

A few random pictures from life in the city.

You see a lot of people who collect cardboards, plastic etc. to earn some money. This is why, despite the dense population, you can’t find much clutter on the main streets.

Shanghai City

Shanghai has a population of about 13 million people and is a relative young city (about 700 years) compared to the long history of China. It is also a booming financial center of China, especially the Pudong area. There you can find the Shanghai World Financial Center or the Jin Mao Tower.

The architecture is very modern and sometimes it was hard to find the traditional chinese characteristics. The Jade Buddha Temple or the Yu Yuan Garden are famous examples of these traditional places, but be prepared for a lot of pushing and shoving.

Peking was in my opinion far more traditional and less modern.

Nightshots, Shanghai

Most of the pictures were made from “The Bund” from where you have an excellent view of the Pudong skyline.

A even better view of the whole skyline, the river and “The Bund” area is from the Hyatt Hotel Skybar. It’s an amazing bar and a perfect spot for taking pictures.

Pet Conspiracy @ MAO Livehouse Shanghai

On night we went to the MAO Livehouse to see Pet Conspiracy and other bands live.  It’s a nice location and worth a visit.

Yu Yuan (Yu Garden)

The Yu Garden is a pleasant private garden with many small lakes, ponds and bridges. It is a very nice place to visit, however it is very very crowded. Actually I never saw so many people on a small bridge like the Jiu Qu Qiao Bridge (Watch the video). It is a famous zig-zag bridge and a so called ‘Bridge of Nine Turnings’. A zig-zag bridge may have three, five or more zig-zags.

Although the lake is only about thirty metres wide, the bridge winds more than a hundred meters because of its nine twists. In the middle of the lake is a pavilion in which visitors may have a cup of tea or enjoy the view all around.

Markets, Shanghai

Shanghai offers a lot of different kinds of markets.

You can find anything from clothing, electronics, souvenirs or antiques. It is also known for the Fake Markets where you can get copies of famous brands in electronics, watches or clothing.

However walking through these markets is very stressful because every meter someone wants you to come with him and have a look at his products. It’s nearly impossible to just look at the things without people dragging you into their shops, but I guess the cheap products have their price 🙂

Expo 2010

We spent one of our ten day trip to Shanghai at the Expo. The area was huge and for the bigger and interesting Pavilions, like the German or the UK Pavilion, the waiting time was between 4 and 5 hours! Nobody wants to stand that long in a line on a very hot summer day.

It was so hot,  that some places had installed water steams coming out of the ground. That was a nice cooling and made the walking easier.