Macau Casinos by Night

Macau is – as Hongkong – a special administrative region of the Republic of China. It has its own legal system, police force and even monetary system. You can get there by Ferry very fast (it takes about 70 minutes).

In 1962 the gambling industry started under a government-issued monopoly license. This monopoly ended in 2002 and several casino operators from Las Vegas entered the market. The first was the Sands Macao in 2004 and after that the Wynn Macau in 2006. Later giant buildings like The Venetian, the MGM Grand Macau and the Galaxy Cotai Megaresort followed.

Gambling revenue has made Macau the world’s top casino market, surpassing Las Vegas.

At night the city really comes to life with all the colors and lights.

Skyline Hong Kong by Night

The skyline of Hong Kong is one of the worlds most impressive one and some say it is even the best one with the surrounding mountains and the Victoria Harbour. There is no other city with more buildings higher than 150m and in no other city live and work more people above the 14th floor.

Some of the famous buildings are the International Commerce Center (484m), The Center with its night-time multi-colored neon light show , the HSBC Building or the Central Plaza with its triangular top.

The images were taken from the Kowloon side so we faced Hong Kong Island from the front. There is another famous point to shoot the skyline and this is on The Peak. From there you have the back of the skyline but because of the height this view is also very impressive. I will post these pictures in a later article.

The weather was not that good this evening and there was almost no clear sky. But after the long exposure I used I have to say the clouds on the images look very interesting. One can see the movement and change of direction as they bend round the high structures.

Clarke Quay by Night, part 2

This time I went just for the sake of taking good night pictures. With my tripod, a camera and a lot of time I made these pictures. Exposure times were always in the range of 30 seconds.

Clarke Quay by Night

The hotel were we stayed was right around the corner of Clarke Quay, a historical riverside quay located in the Singapore River Planning Area.

Today the area contains many restaurants and nightclubs and the warehouses were restored beautifully. The area is very lively in the evening and you should visit the pubs and bars for one (or two) cocktails.

During the day Clark Quay is also a starting point for various River Cruises and River Taxis.

Nightshots, Shanghai

Most of the pictures were made from “The Bund” from where you have an excellent view of the Pudong skyline.

A even better view of the whole skyline, the river and “The Bund” area is from the Hyatt Hotel Skybar. It’s an amazing bar and a perfect spot for taking pictures.