National Orchid Garden

The National Orchid Garden which is located on the highest hill in the Botanic Gardens is a must see for flora lovers and photographers.

The Botanic Gardens were built along a 3-Core concept. The three cores are

  • Tanglin which is the heritage core retaining the old favourites and charms of the historic Gardens
  • Central which is the tourist belt of the Gardens
  • Bukit Timah which is the educational and recreational zone

The Orchid Garden is located in the Central Core along with the also very interesting Ginger Garden.

Identifying these flowers isn’t so easy for a beginner. I just managed to find the category of each orchid but I’m still not sure if everything is correct. You have to take the shape, color, pattern and size of the bloom into consideration. Further more there are many mixes and hybrids which makes it even harder to find the correct names.