Kowloon Markets

To see a few different markets in Kowloon we used the “Kowloon Market & Hong Kong History” Walk from the TripAdvisor App. This way it was very easy to navigate through the various streets.

The markets are also known as “The Fab Five” and consist of The Ladies Market, Fa Yuen Street, Goldfish Street, Bird Market and the Flower Market. But the side streets and areas like Nelson Street (which I liked best) are also very exciting. We spent quite some time there to browse and take pictures of this local market life.

People of Gudalur (Cumbum Valley, Tamil Nadu)

Gudalur is a panchayat town in Theni district in the state of Tamil Nadu. We went there for half a day and started a trip from Thekkady (Spice Village)  to Gudalur.

Although it is very close to Kerala, Tamil Nadu is very different in climate, nature and the people. You can see a lot of agriculture there from Mangos, Red Chilly, Rice,..and even grapes.

Prices are half of that in Kerala and so a lot of people go for shopping to Tamil Nadu. The towns looked less developed and people seemed to be poorer than in Kerala but still they were very friendly and happy to see some foreigners.

Life, Singapore

Random pictures about the life and people in Singapore.

Life, Shanghai

A few random pictures from life in the city.

You see a lot of people who collect cardboards, plastic etc. to earn some money. This is why, despite the dense population, you can’t find much clutter on the main streets.

Shanghai City

Shanghai has a population of about 13 million people and is a relative young city (about 700 years) compared to the long history of China. It is also a booming financial center of China, especially the Pudong area. There you can find the Shanghai World Financial Center or the Jin Mao Tower.

The architecture is very modern and sometimes it was hard to find the traditional chinese characteristics. The Jade Buddha Temple or the Yu Yuan Garden are famous examples of these traditional places, but be prepared for a lot of pushing and shoving.

Peking was in my opinion far more traditional and less modern.

Life in Beijing

A few random pictures from life in the city.