China Town

China Town, Singapore

This area is one of the leading tourist destinations. Walking down the streets gives you an impression of the culture, the food and the tradition of Chinese people. The Architecture mixes various elements of Baroque and Victorian styles which are very colorfully decorated in February due to the Chinese New Year.

In between the temples and parks are restaurants, shops, and various street-stalls that sell trinkets related to Chinese culture.

If you are nearby make sure to visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. There are many ceremonies you can attend and in the upper floor is a very nice library and cafe where you can read in a vast amount of books on special topics like Buddhism, religion, meditation and general Chinese culture.

Markets, Shanghai

Shanghai offers a lot of different kinds of markets.

You can find anything from clothing, electronics, souvenirs or antiques. It is also known for the Fake Markets where you can get copies of famous brands in electronics, watches or clothing.

However walking through these markets is very stressful because every meter someone wants you to come with him and have a look at his products. It’s nearly impossible to just look at the things without people dragging you into their shops, but I guess the cheap products have their price 🙂