Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is about a 40 minute drive from downtown and the area of the zoo is located on a half-island. It is the only zoo in the world with the famous “open concept”, which means, that almost all animals are not behind fences or in cages but in areas divided by natural barriers. This concept is not only for animals perfect but also for enthusiastic photographers who don’t want to take pictures of animals behind bars.

There are several ways to explore the different trails in the zoo. You can choose the train, go by foot or you can even rent your own electric car. The zoo has a great variety of animals. For example is right behind the main entrance the open area for the Orang Utans. They climb freely on the trees and are not kept in cages. Beside the Orang Utans you can see the white tiger, zebras, lions, apes and lot’s of exotic birds.

The zoo also offers a lot of opportunities to eat and drink. Beside some restaurants you can find small cafes and snack bars along the main tracks.

In my opinion the Singapore Zoo is one of the most beautiful zoos I’ve seen so far. When you walk through you really don’t have the impression that you are in a zoo and that – I think – is the whole point. The environment for the animals should be as natural as possible. I would definitely recommend a visit there!