Periyar Lake Boat Trip

The Periyar lake is an artificial lake. It is the reservoir of the famous century old Mullai Periyar dam. During the boat journey you can see not only wild animals but also the remains of old trees in the lake. Thekkady is the home to a large number of rare birds, which can be found in these trees.

The lake is kept very clean and it is a nice experience to take this boat trip. The forest people care about this region and Thekkady itself was declared “plastic free” in September 2011. “Tourists visiting Thekkady, please keep in mind that you cannot carry plastic bags to Thekkady.”

I definitely recommend the 1,5 hour boat journey to everyone who visits the Periyar Sanctuary. We chose the trip during lunch time because we had some other activities in the morning, but now I must say that the trips early in the morning or late in the afternoon are better for spotting animals. Never the less we were lucky and saw bisons, wild hogs and even a elephant.