Champakulam Moolam Boat Race

The Champakulam Boat Race takes place every year at the Champakulam Lake in Alappuzha, Kerala. It is the most popular and oldest snake boat race of Kerala and the start of many races during June and October. It is held on the River Pampa in Champakulam village of Alappuzha district on the Moolam day (Mool Nakshatra). Before the boat race, a procession is held every year in memory of the installation of the idol of Lord Shri Krishna.

The snake boats are very long boats with a length of about 30 meters or more. They have a raised prow which give them their name- ‘Snake Boats.’ When more than 100 oarsmen make the long snake boat cut the waves of the river and speed through the water to leave the other racing boats behind, thousands and lakhs of people standing at the river bank can literally feel the adrenalin rush in their bodies!

We stayed at the Triveny River Palace and had from the hotel’s garden a nice view of the finishing line of the race. We had full service of the hotel and the garden was less crowded than the opposite side of the river as you can see in the pictures.